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What's the best way to get over a fear of cooking?

when I was younger I burnt my finger on the stove and since then I can't help but fear cooking. How do I fix this?

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    It's not a big deal, that's why. You must just be careful cuz you're dealing with fire but there shouldn't be any fear. Everyone in the world cooks.

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    Desensitization. You expose yourself to that which you fear, bit by bit, little by little. Or.........there's always fast food to ruin your health, and then you'd really have something to fear.

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    Simply practice safety procedures to avoid burning yourself. Have pot holders near by so you can touch handles and lids that are hot  without burning yourself. Use wooden cooking utensils as they never will get hot enough to burn you.

    Do not reach into a hot oven. Buy a rack hook to pull the metal wire shelf out of a hot oven. A rack hook is a simple devise that you hook onto the oven rac

    k to pull it out, completely avoiding any burns. Have well fitting oven mitts for lifting hot dishes from the extended oven shelf. Always have a prepared spot on the stove or a trivet on the counter, waiting for the hot dish out of the oven. Do not over fill a dish so you avoid a hot spilling mess when you transfer the food from the oven to the trivet.

    Once you begin to cook more often, the safety measures become a matter of habit. Howsoever, accidents can and do happen. I always have an aloe vera plant, specifically to use to soothe any burns and speed up the healing process.

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    There are mitts that are used to keep your hands safe from getting burns from hot plates or pots and pans. You have to be conscious of everything you do when you cook because not only can you get burnt but if you are not careful you can get nasty cuts so never cook with distractions but think about everything you do. I use a hot plate and when I think it is turned off I make sure by placing my hand above it above because if it is still hot I can feel the  heat without touching it. I know how to handle knives and cleavers and am very careful with hot grease which can burn you if it splashes. You must be aware of these things and concentrate on doing things safely when you cook. Don't have music or other distractions around when you cook. 

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    I am not trying to sound sassy, but just get into the kitchen and cook something. You will never get over the fear sitting on the sidelines worrying. 

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    By exposure. Best to abstain from methods that could be more harmful such as deep frying or steaming, but start with safer methods like sautéing 

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    1 month ago

    Ask a professional chef how many times he/she has cut their fingers. The response will probably be a chuckle and a comment of 'Too many'. 

    Cooking requires a couple of things though: A SHARP knife-the most dangerous thing in a kitchen is a Dull knife, A good set of gloves/pot holders, a good peeler, a couple of pots larger than you need, a good cutting board-not made of glass, etc. 

    Just dive in. You are expected to make mistakes. 

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    Make sure you have oven gloves that are good, and if you want to you can even wear them reaching near the stove if it makes you feel more comfortable

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    1 month ago

    Wait until you grow up.

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    Bakery might be way to go, do few cakes and such. take precautions, think ahead a little but more thoroughly than most do.

    My reasoning being that you need not take out vast majority of things out of the oven when done, just leave them to cool in it.

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