Do you think this can be a possibility?

The world is currently affected by the Covid 19 pandemic that the world has limited control over. It has infected many people and many people have since died from it.

Do you think it can be possible if one day some astronauts from some country were to land on a planet and chance upon a bacteria on it. The bacteria will be benign in its own planet but is lethal to the human population.  The bacteria will then cling on to their spacesuits. Without knowing, the astronauts will then bring the bacteria back to earth. It then become lethal and start to infect people the world over and kill thousands.

Do you think this can happen?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Yes technically that is possible, no idea why preamble this with CoVid 19 tho,

    However should it come to first contact with an organic life form there will likely be much more stringent means of disinfection than there are in WuHan markets.

    Scientists try to be careful when doing science that is why they are scientists and not some morons in white overalls. Look to any mission to space our civilization has ever manned, there are contingencies upon contingencies just incase.

    Far more likely source of what you describe is some sort of space hauler crew chancing on to a strange planet, with no actual preparation and possibly in urgent need for some fuel component.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Someone has a very vivid imagination.

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