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5’4 dude healthy weight?

Hey y’all, so I recently lost a lot of weight due to not being able to lift due to an injury and/ losing my appetite.  so I went from 140 lbs to 118lbs... yikes. I want to gain weight but can’t workout due to an injury! I want to get to a good weight, but idk what would be a good one! I’m 5’4 and a 20 year old dude, I’ve always been skinny (which is why I started lifting). Is 150 a good weight to strive for?! 

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    According to BMI score, ~135 or so would be optimal. This doesn't take into consideration that muscle weighs more than fat though, so if you're fit you could be a bit higher and just as healthy.

    I attached a chart.

    Attachment image
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