how to fix 3d printer ender 3 pro?

I need help with my 3d printer..

I have ender 3 pro and....Hi,

I built the printer but am having a lot of problems with it

I have some specific question  I looked on the sd card and the only number provided was in china and it just rings. The problems I am having are:

1. Yesterday i tried several times to print the test dog and it only did a couple of hatch work layers.

2. to fix problem one, I altered the x y z axis to 0 and tried to level the bed with the krank turns. Now when I try to do a print it doesn't seem to know what its limits are as the extruder sometimes goes way to the right past the bed near the computer screen.

3. The other problem is that the filament doesn't want to feed. A little comes out at first then nothing I can't even get the hatch work layers I was getting yesterday.

4. It seems to be retracting the filament instead of sending it into the extruder.

5. When I select home on the computer screen it retracts the filament.

I hope you can help me as I am really excited about the printer and am eager to be successful with it but i am finding much frustration instead. I have spent hours trying to get it to work. CAn you please help me?

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