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Why do some Christians use their belief to excuse the vitriol they dole out to everyone who doesn't agree with them?


What do they gain from their hate?

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    Because it IS an excuse.  It feels much better to say to one's self that I'm doing it because I am a strong dedicated Christian than to admit that I'm doing it because I'm a nasty little beast.  

    There's someone here who says, as a Christian, he has to love others but he doesn't have to like them.  He shows, without fail, that he doesn't like people.  In fact, he hates them.  But he's found a way to claim it's love.  It's better than facing up to what he is, though.

    But, you know, people in general find a way to excuse abusing others.  I beat my child not because I'm vicious but to train him.  I browbeat my employees not because I'm power mad but because I want them to work harder.  I show disrespect to impoverished people not because I'm hateful but because they deserve contempt.  

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    You mean like the vitriol of the questions about the atheist fantasy of Jesus being sodomized by the Romans?

  • Donald
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    4 months ago

    false dichotomy. 

    but thanks for asking anonymous.

    scared to ask as yourself again?

    Christians hate sin.

    Christians hate immorality.

    (not people who sin....)

    do you hate the rain when it falls and floods rivers?

    yet drink water when needed?

    i find this amusing (your question)

    GOD is judge

    why not ask HIM such questions?

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    No atheists have a mandate from God to behave themselves.  Some Christians don't accept it and point the finger like Chi Girl because they are defiant and refuse to obey their god.

    Lashing out makes them feel good, and they're addicted to the rush.

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Insecurity is the usual motivation for such behavior, no matter who behaves that way.  Name calling, threats, and such always indicate insecurity.  When they call you names, you hit a sore spot they don't care to answer to.

  • 4 months ago

    Some atheists do the same thing.  They're just unhappy people.

    Source(s): Greek Orthodox Christian
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