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How can i go about making music?

I feel like i have a different connection to making music then most people.. i wanna be famous but not for the fame and not for the money i wanna be able to stand on a stage infront of hundreds of people and vibe with them and watch them connect to my music, but i know it’ll be tough to even find a place to start... any advice or things i should do to help start? 

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    You need to tell us how much REAL music education you have, and his much experience.  Like other pros here, I have multiple degrees and have made every single dollar since 1973 in live music performance, and music teaching. This is HARD WORK - medical school is easier.  So your post looks likes a fantasy - until you make serious moves to LEARN CORRECTLY your craft.  And then / zero guarantees anybody will ever want to hear you.  That is just the way it is.  How will you live and pay the bills?  There will be va long time with money going out, and nothing coming in. Make a serious plan, and your fantasy can get a little bit nearer to reality.  Maybe.  Or it might be a hobby and a broken heart. None of us have guarantees.

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    The hard part is writing / composing. 

    A lot of the biggest hits have been written by someone unconnected with the performers; it's a massive talent in its own right and extremely lucrative - the composer gets a percentage of the royalties for every sale or play, as well as the performers..

    Start writing - if you create anything genuinely good that can sell to others, you will become famous!

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