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Law & Ethics: Can I sue a restaurant if they don't hire me for having facial piercings and tattoos where I applied for a job today?

The manager looked at me funny. He acted like he didn't want to hire me even though I have a lot of experience.

Job discrimination is illegal.If they don't hire me how much can I sue for??

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    I sure hope you can't sue.

    Like former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter once said, "Don't blame the white men for not hiring you.  They won't hire you because you look like you crazy!"

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    They want to attract customers; not scare them away.

    How often do you disinfect your facial piercings?

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    Discrimination based on gender/race/disability/veteran status/orientation is illegal.  

    Discrimination because you chose to have facial piercings and tattoos is not illegal.

    You can sue but you'd lose.

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    Tattoos and facial piercings are not protected under federal law. No lawyer but a stupid one would take such a case.

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  • L
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    1 month ago

    NO - you can NOT.  A potential employer does NOT have to tell you why they did not hire you.  By the way, facial piercings and tattoos have NOTHING to do with Discrimination.

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    Anyone can sue anyone else for anything in the US. But voluntary body modifications aren't a protected class so you'd lose this lawsuit.

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    Sooooo...let's say the owner did hire you as a waiter/waitress and then the first time you stepped up to a diner's table asking if you could take their order.  But instead of ordering, the folded up their menus and walked out.......could you sue the diners?

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    That is NOT discrimination.  That would be a wise decision on the part of the employer, who has every right to choose his employees based on appearance.  Employees "represent" the employer - the business.  Your clownish appearance would make the business appear to be a joke.  Go and find a job as a bouncer at a club for comedians.

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    You can try to sue for whatever you choose. Howsoever,there are no damages  so there is no case.

    Quite frankly, seeing someone with holes in their face makes me queezy and facial tattoos are so distracting. I do not want that in my face while I eat. A point of view that an employer may consider, as customers equal good business. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes, you CAN sue.  Yes, you WILL lose.  Piercings and tats are not protected by law.

    If you sue it would be for monetary damages.  I don't see any.

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    Not illegal.   Tattoos and peircings are not a protected class and employers can discriminate against them

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