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The couple that were outside their mansion in the private gated community in St. Louis during the protest: would they have caught LESS flack?

1) If the man had come out with a Winchester .30-30 Carbine or some traditional hunting rifle rather than an AR-15 2) If the woman HADN'T been holding her tiny midget sized gun like a fashion accessory, up by her face?

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    If they would have been at low ready And not have verbally engage the horde they would not be getting the flak they are getting now.

    This couple did not appear to have any experience with how to use a gun. Every photo I’ve seen of them is just cringe; I can point out so many things being done wrong.

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    The husband with the AR should have had it pointed more toward the ground.  He did not maintain safe muzzle control and had it pointed at people from time to time.

    The woman was a total idiot.  Holding it up to her face, AND, pointing it at people as they walked by was wrong.... you pull a gun and point it at someone, that is a crime!  Attempted assault.  She should have had it in a holster.  I her hand - it should have been pointed in a safe direction, like the ground or sky....preferably the ground.  Certainly not at people who are just walking past your property.

    The rules for safe gun handling do not go out the window when there is trouble - if anything - they become more important. 

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    They would have caught less flack if the liberal media hadn't made a career out of villainizing firearms and firearms owners over the last 35 years.

    They would have caught less flack if the perpetually indignant hordes of handwringers had the ability to think for themselves instead of blindly following what their liberal overlords tell them to be outraged about.

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