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Getting flight hours without spending a fortune on aircraft rent?

So I’m a senior in high school currently and I’ve got my private pilots license and my plan is to get my commercial pilots license so I need over a thousand more hours and renting an aircraft which is 149.99 at the closest municipal airport isn't preferable because I’m not trying to accumulate that much debt before I can fly commercial. So I’m looking for someway to get enough hours without needing to rent a vehicle, I have looked to see if there are jobs that do this but as I have read, you can’t get paid to fly with a ppl so if I wanted to get hours without spending a fortune on rent then how would I go about that. By the way I don’t care about getting money from a job flying with a ppl.

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    You might see if the local new agencies have a plane or copter and do traffic reports.   You can fly the plane for that.    You might see if a local crop duster will give you a shot at it.  

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    Win the lottery.

    Get an inheritance from a rich relative.

    Become a rock star.

    Marry money.

    Stow away in the baggage compartment.

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    A) You cannot get paid to fly without holding a Commercial Pilots Certificate

    B) For that you need 250 hours, and for the majority of entry-level jobs an Instrument rating is required. You have two choices - either keep renting, or buy your own airplane to build time in. 

    C) If you cannot afford to do either, then you should get trained in an occupation that isn't expensive to get into that will allow you to make enough money to pursue a flying career. Alternately, you could join the military for 4 years so you can qualify for the GI Bill which will allow you to pay for the additional licenses and ratings.

    D) For an ATP that is required to fly for an airline, you need 1500 hours minimum. To obtain that, you'll need a job that you can qualify for with a Commercial Pilots Certificate so that you can build the required hours as a working pilot. 

    E) Since you apparently lack the financial resources to rent or buy a plane right away, it's going to take you years to reach your goal. If you want it badly enough, you'll do whatever it takes. 

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