BSOD Help please.?

Hello Microsoft professionals, Ive been getting BSOD it says DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION. I followed every steps on the net, dskchk, sfc, reinstalling my display drivers, but nothing seems to help, i even reinstalled windows, lost all of my stuffs but the problem still persist. Please i need help. attached is a result from the bluescreenview. i appreciate the time you guys had given me. im a complete newb to this kind of stuffs. so please be patient with me. i only notice this bsod when playing games. it seems i cannot post any attachments, i used a snipping tool to get the result from bluescreenview. i copied the red mark on the program.

ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+459472 fffff803`82000000 fffff803`83046000 0x01046000 0x924b9e55 10/12/2047 1:54:29 AM

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