Brave Liverpool 'outclassed' by more assertive Man City yesterday ?

Manchester City 4 - 0 Liverpool

we finally got 'battered' senseless yesterday,  the 3-0 defeat against Watford was surpassed by City's 4-0 thrashing of us.

what a difficult time for us reds.  Now we have lost twice this season and already its tainted our great season. I really do wonder how many anti lfc trolls will be inspired by yesterdays result.

can our club beat liverpool the way man city did ?

can we score a goal or two past liverpool ?

can we maybe challenge them next season for the premier league title ?

these are the questions many trolls are asking about us.

However I ask you all, just how does a team recover after being mauled the way we were last night at Emptyhad ?

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    If Man City were so great, how do they lose twice to Man United AND relegation fodder Norwich?  Liverpool split the two league games with Citeh, which is probably a fair result.  

  • August
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    1 month ago

    You don't have to be a troll to know that the success Liverpool had this season will not be repeated as Man C,Man U and Chelsea will challenge for the title. A goal or two more is not generous in your deflated admission and the quicker you realise it the better 

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    Even if they played at their very best they might well have still lost, it's at the Etihad so sometimes even your best won't be enough. But a 4-0 hammering was a terrible result, Liverpool's away form has been poor for a while now and the morale setback of getting hammered coupled with the complacency of having already won the league will probably make it impossible to bounce back well this season, I expect more defeats.

    It should be a warning sign to the owners and Klopp not to get complacent, they need more world class players, especially in midfield, if they want to remain at the very top. The bright side is that United will never win the league again, so if Liverpool can just scrape out two more league title wins, United will forever be in LFC's shadow. I mean they're in it already now but overtaking their league hall would deny them any records or relevance whatsoever, they will have been completely overshadowed and left behind by both their main rivals, lol.

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  • Ryan
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    1 month ago

    Shut up you fatty 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Oh how the  mighty have fallen. Did you convey your advice to Jurgen? You seem to be an expert after all.

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