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What are in your opinion the best Italian movies ever and what places in Italy do you like most (for living and visiting)?

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    Life Is Beautiful  won just about every major motion picture and film award that there was to win. .....including a rare, special prize from the Vatican. 

    When Roberto Benigni  won the Best Foreign Film Oscar,  he literally stood on the back of Steven Spielbergs chair in triumph. 

    Le Tigre E Le Neve was excellent,......and his others are classics.......

    Il Mostro.....  &  .....Johnny Stecchino. 

    he's also made not one, but  2 versions of Pinocchio. 

    I live in Italy.....and like the big cities like Milan.......but live in a smaller, quieter section of it. 

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    Spaghetti westerns and Rome.

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