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Why are some ambulances escorted by police cars?

Just walking my dog and then an ambulance surrounded by about 5 or 6 police cars escorting the ambulance to the nearest hospital drove past

My only idea is it someone important, is it a suspect that's been hurt, or is it someone that's on the brink of death that any delay to hospital will result in death?

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    I believe it's because the person in the ambulance is in critical condition and they need to get to the hospital ASAP. The police cars surrounding the ambulance will help it move through traffic faster. It usually doesn't matter how important the person is, but their condition is what determines if they need police cars to escort the ambulance. If it was a suspect, it's usually just one or two police cars who follow behind and they're not in a mad hurry either.

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    Many times the cops go along as a security detail of a sort. Many medical calls can escalate to violence and EMTs aren't trained to deal with that. 

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