Why do people support the Confederate flag?

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    For a couple of decades after the war, the Confederate flag was mostly used in connection with civil war remembrance: veterans organizations, confederate memorials, historical displays.  It was specifically tied to the Confederacy as an organization/society.   But in the 1940s it began to be used more widely.  And the catalyst was new pressure from African Americans on civil rights issues.  White Southerners pushed back on this.  They wanted to reassert their own vision of the South, one which was racially exclusive and where black people, as well as other races, were second class citizens at best.  So they chose the Confederate flag and used it widely in Southern life even apart from remembrance of the Confederacy.  Of course, the importance of the linkages were still there.  The whole point of using the flag was to remind black people that the South was a white man's society and, in the hope of white people, always would be.  But the flag began to move beyond specifically Confederate usage and made its way into Southern venues that had nothing directly to do with the Confederacy such as schools, sporting events, and just general everyday usage. 

    For conservative Southern whites today some of that message is a bit lost.  For them they see it as honoring a Southern heritage.  But this is an ahistorical view which strips the flag of its importance and elides the problems behind it.  For example, many conservative Southern whites see the flag as a symbol of rebellion and resistance on the part of the South, which has some truth to it.  But the Confederacy was rebelling to keep racial slavery alive and was resisting efforts to free black people.  It matter what they fought for, not just the fact that they fought.  For some conservative Southern whites the defense of the flag is mostly oppositional.  They don't like people, especially Northerners and blacks, telling them what to do. 

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    Why do so many people oppose the Confederate flag?

    It's claimed that it symbolizes slavery. If this is true (and it isn't), the same can be said about the American flag since there were slave owners in the North. The northern border states had more slaves than the South where the slavery laws were targeted. No slavery laws were ever imposed on the border states.

    Okay then, so it's claimed that the Confederate flag was used by some racists who committed murder. Where's the connection?

    To make the claim that the Confederate flag symbolizes racism in these cases, one would have to use the same logic and say that because of drunk drivers, ALL cars should be banned.

    Like a car used by a drunk driver, the Confederate flag was merely a "tool" used by racists who, like most people believed that the war was about slavery.

    There are two documented points that prove the war wasn't about slavery. One is the letter written by Abraham Lincoln to the New York Tribune which contains the line:

    "My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery."

    The issue of slavery was not why the war took place - it was to prevent the country from dividing (which it already had by this time, so the damage was done).

    The other point that proves it wasn't about slavery comes from someone who was there and witnessed what happened:


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    A friend of mine is a Los Angeles based designer....she makes things popular with young hipsters like hats, messenger bags and t-shirts and sells them on line...

    Up until a few years ago, the "Stars & Bars" motif was one of her most popular....with her largest sales going to cites like NYC, Portland, Seattle and Austin...or overseas to Europe and Australia...

    Why?  Because up until a few yeas ago the "Stars & Bars" represented AMERICAN rebel culture and not just "southern"...I have friend in Australia and they confirm that it is still used by bikers, skateboarders and young folks as a "stand up to The Man" symbol...

    The fact that you may be totally unaware of this fact shows the exact end-game of the Stalinist culture of "Erasure" we are seeing today.... once these symbols are gone,  too many people are too comfortable letting other people tell them what they meant and accepting it without a hint of critical thought...

    Years ago on my first trip to London I was touring Westminster and happened across the statue of Oliver Cromwell, a man who had signed the execution order for a king and whose polices toward the Irish have been called "genocidal"...

    Shocked, I asked a passing docent why such a man would be so honored among statues of heroes like Churchill and Gandhi...

    "So that you'd ask that very question, young man." He said with that lovely British blend of charm and condescension..

    "Because if we don't ask questions that challenge our old thoughts.....how do we ever learn new ones?

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    1 month ago

    Why not? It was a big part of MANY families history. I wonder why these days, so many Americans want to deprive them of that right.

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    Think of it like flags and colors for college sports teams or local sports teams, where people made up a flag and colors and support the local team. But, also remember that this was a war where brothers fought brothers, and family members were killed No, it was not a pretty war or a good war, but, remember that we memorialize the Nazi flag to remember the dead. There may be people who memorialize the Confederate flag to remember their dead in their family, and how their family members fought a terrible war. Some young people today have picked up the Confederate flag as a sign and symbol of rebellion. They may not be racists! They may be protesting liberalism or socialism by taking on an unpopular stance against corporations or bad government decisions.  I know people who, yes, are country people who are dissatisfied by liberal democrat agendas and fly the Confederate flag in protest of modern socialism, who are also part Hispanic, part Native American, and part African American. They fly the Confederate flag to protest against the government taking away their children, for not allowing them to get out of the government system, for protest against their neighbors being deported, so think about how this flag could be representing a larger protest.

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    1 month ago

    because the war was about states Rights and every soldier in the South was as Patriotic and Loyal as any other American

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