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I'm still living together with girlfriend in apartment ...she now said she need a couple days space and break but wants to be with me?


She said I haven't been showing her but it's what I show her and it's up to me...shes been bailing out leaving her car and our apartment door open...I'm sure she's been going to a guys apartment upstairs 

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    She's sick of living with you and wants to live alone again.  Probably fed up with all the cooking and cleaning up after you.  Likes you as a person but not a partner by the sound of it.  I'd let her leave and go home to her mother.  Then change the locks and have the place to yourself.

  • Chad
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    1 month ago

    Accept the break and find some girl to f1ck to keep you occupied. Your girl is being a bitsch and probably doing the same thing with someone, so give her the same treatment. 

    Most cheating chicks almost never expect their man to turn around and cheat on them. Because of that, it hurts them pretty band. So, hurt her pretty badly. I wouldnt even wait for confirmation or proof that she is cheating. I'd just go ahead and step out with another woman behind your girls back. 

  • 1 month ago

    Presuming your unasked question is what to do about this situation, you have a couple of choices: end the relationship yourself, wait it out and see what happens, accept that this is how she is and either live with it or not, etc.  There is no information, here, about why she wants a "break" from you, so we can't help you address that, unless you write again. If you do, include your ages, please.  If you are sure that she's going"upstairs", what does that include? Sex? Talk? A new relationship? Whatever it means, it doesn't look good. Bottom line, is you and she need to communicate , both to better understand the situation and explore what to do about it. Good luck, 

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