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For what purpose did people write the Bible?

Why did they spend time inventing all those stories? Inventing a God and writing a book as some sort of 'proof'? Was it really only to deceive people and profit? Were they really high when they wrote the revelation book? Or they had a wide imagination?

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  • Wilson
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    Most bible stories are “life lessons” told by mankind For the purpose of teaching younger generations 

    The Bible also has the purpose of justifying taxes (tithing), obedience to religious organizations, justification and acceptance of death in war (gods will) and the preservation of a specific culture.

    There are many good things about the works in the Bible - teaching children how to be civilized and productive members of “society” which 

    I’m sure at the time was a big deal since there existed many barbaric people....but that’s not to say that humans aren’t still barbaric....we still are in many ways.

    Preserving an organized and civil society helps those civilization flourish and the Bible and humans’ belief in the Bible and it’s corresponding religion has brought about peace and harmony to many parts of the world....through war and oppression.

    As far as the book of revelation 

    I think that was someone who might have discovered peyote or some other natural psychedelic substance 

    No man has ever scientifically proven that the Bible was written by god or that Jesus was the son of god. The Bible offers no real proof that god or Jesus actually exist 

    Jesus was probably a real person who was in a grand, delusional state for his whole life.

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    The Bible is a gift from God. It gives us information that we can’t find anywhere else. For example, it tells us that God created the heavens, the earth, and the first man and woman. It gives us principles that can help us when we have problems. In the Bible, we learn how God will accomplish his purpose to make the earth a better place. The Bible is such an exciting gift! The Bible is “inspired of God.” ( 2 Timothy 3:16.) But some may think, ‘The Bible was written by men, so how can it be from God?’ The Bible answers: “Men spoke from God as they were moved [or, guided] by holy spirit.” (2 Peter 1:21) This is similar to a businessman telling his secretary to write a letter. Who is the author of the letter? It is the businessman, not the secretary. In the same way, the Author of the Bible is God, not the men he used to write it. God guided them to write his thoughts. The Bible really is “the word of God.”​—1 Thessalonians 2:13; 

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    There are most likely multiple reasons, but generally religions are created as a survival tool in order for people to have answers to why life is as it is with coping advice as well as hope that there was some kind of ultimate purpose to the harshness of life that many must bear. This is why it is usually people in real despair that turn to religions if they were not taught religion to begin with, not the person who feels life is generally treating them good.

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    NO man of great wisdom could have wrote that witch is written in the book of revelations unless they were inspired by GOD for only GOD knows what was is and shall be and HIS words by no means pass away until all that HE has spoken is FULFILLED. 

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  • Phil M
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    They wrote it because they needed to feel that they understood their world and to instill purpose in life. They HAD to feel their lives had a higher purpose, so they invented one. It most likely started out as stories around a campfire. I'm really talking about religion in general here and not just the bible. This is all just my opinion.

  • Paul
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    They didn't "write the Bible". They wrote many historical records of things they had observed and experienced. It wasn't until the 4'th Century that the Pope instructed the bishops of the Catholic Church to study, discern and pray about the hundreds of early writings the Church possessed. After working on the project for six years, they finally produced a list of 73 texts the Holy Spirit guided them to choose, and bound them into a book for the first time. Since the bishops were of many nationalities, during the process they spoke Greek, which was the universal language of all educated people of the time. So, when they first produced the book, they called it "Biblios", which is Greek for "the Book".

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    God has exalted His word above all His name that we might be delivered from ma's control  and what man says and know Him for ourselves.

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    People wanted to hear about NDEs .

  • swolt
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    They were preserving their own culture's beliefs for future generations.  Revelation was one book of several in a genre that was popular at the time, and the symbolism was understood by the intended audience.  Now that understanding has been lost and people are simply making things up to suit their own wishes.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The Bible was compiled by the Catholic Church after much prayer for her own use and after making sure books containing errors, such as the Protoevangelium of James, were not included.

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    The Bible having been written with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you have no question.

    @ J -- Sorry about your obsessions with being powerless and having a cashflow problem.  I understand there's treatment for those now.

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