I have a fair amount of knowledge collected about how to feed hungry children. How can I use it to help better kids in my community?

IDK who I'd talk to or how to present the info without stepping on peoples feet.


I've worked in places that have allowed me to realize that If families only knew more about plants & how they can be used it could cut both food and medical bills down for people in need. I myself have volunteered believing each persons wellbeing and kindness they get from myself or others is something I cherish.

Update 2:

 Malnourished sleepy, during school kids, who are hungry when schools out don't have to ONLY relied on food banks. Many plants that grow on public lands could easily act as community orchards and gardens. This may anger people who sell food and even lock dumpsters for safety reasons, but also because they want you to buy from them, which for mom and pop places is life and for food chains is something else.

Update 3:

 I always loved the kids who came to our house asking for fruit and we told them not to climb the tree, but we then loaded them up with as much fruit as they could carry. I loved that. I have a plan for making kids/fam more able to get good food, if  I can get support.  

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    Look to see if there's a food bank in your area, or if any of the churches are running a program to feed people. If there's not a food bank in your town, google and see if there's one in a city near you. All cities that I know of have a large organization that gets food and money donations, and distributes food, often through churches. A nearby food bank will be able to work with you to start a local one. Tell them you want to help, and learn what they're currently doing. Then offer any ideas you have. 

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