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What do I do if I don't hear from the clinic regarding my COVID-19 results?

So I took the test on Monday and today is Friday. The clinic put me on a 14-day quarantine. My employer strongly needed the results by Thursday. However, since the results are not out yet, she had to hire me on Thursday. (And I start today, on Friday, without the results yet. So I did not have time to quarantine myself). How do I get the results from clinic sooner?


And also my job is working with the it would suck if I am positive and I go see my clients/patients.

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    What you are saying is that you refused to follow the quarantine order.  I hope you are negative.  Otherwise, you could face serious criminal charges, for intentionally and/or recklessly infecting others and if someone dies as a result - manslaughter.  Don't you THINK about your choices before you recklessly do whatever you want to do, regardless of anyone else?

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    The clinic does not put you on a quarantine unless you tested positive or are showing symptoms

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    The clinic put me on a 14-day quarantine. You answered your own question.

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