are you African American,German,Russian, Chinese,Romanian or Swedish please answer  ?


Does skin really matters

Update 2:

Or are you Spanish,Arabic,Scottish or Dutch

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  • Jill
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    1 month ago
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    None of the above. No skin doesn't matter.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I'm from one of those countries on your list and let me tell you this, if you come from a rural area that has been spared the direct horrors of war for generations skin matters less than you think because that's not how people relate to each other.  Your neighbour is also kind of your relative even if you're legally distant enough to get married.  You went to school together, you moved to the city together in your late teens and both came back "home" to run the farm/ garage/shop in your 30s.  You both know about that scandal in 1754 or 1762 depending on who you ask and I'll fight you to prove I remember the year better than you!  One of my lines of cousins is described as "dark and exotic" (they're all blond and blue-eyed, all of them!).  People will swear up and down that they're "darkies."  It's just become a convention.  It goes back to a great uncle marrying a woman from three villages along where some Walloon refugees settled in the 1600s.  The people there are described as "dark and exotic" though for the life of me I can't say that they look different from the general population.

    The upshot is that any incomer into this little world are outsiders and so are their kids.  It's not based on skin colour.  If a couple adopts a child from abroad as several families have done (I'm not suggesting that generations of inbreeding might have an effect on fertility) that kid is more integrated than the family from the capital looking for the good life in the country even though to tourists passing through they're not noticeably different looking.  I think this is the difference how very conservative (as in nothing changes) places metabolise people compared to how dynamic places used to a flow of people and ideas do it.  If I go to my mother's home village people don't see "me."  They see a walking geneological chart and that's what they're interacting with.  If you come from a place of churning then people categorise by external features, yes, definitely skin, but also, "does this person dress like me?" "are they from the same class?"

    Btw, I don't live there and definitely couldn't because although as a young child it's as secure a launch into your place in the world as you can get it's also completely suffocating.  Some of my cousins are like me.  We've left and only come back for weddings, christenings, funerals and such but others think that we're crazy to not want to be part of that bigger organism.  They are "the village" before they are individuals.  Outsiders are like cancerous cells and I guess I'm like an amputated finger joint.

  • Lili
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    1 month ago

    According to my family oral history, genealogical research, and DNA tests, I am Anglo-Scottish on one side and French-German on the other. I am also partly Scandinavian and have about 1.4% broadly "southern European" ancestry.

    In other words, I am just an American whose ancestors came from Europe.

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