choke / choking?

Which one is correct?

I have afraid of to choke

I have afraid of choking

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    1 month ago
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    "Afraid" is an adjective. You don't "have" adjectives in English. Use the verb "be". Some adjectives and verb are followed by the present participle-- the -ing form. Some are followed by the infinitive. You can find lists of these words in ESL textbooks or online. "Afraid" takes the participle.

    I am afraid of choking. 

    I don't want to choke. (the verb "want" is followed by the infinitive. 

    I have a fear of choking. ("fear" is the noun, and it is followed by a preposition and the participle.)

  • RP
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    1 month ago

    One has fear. That is the correct way of expressing the state of being afraid. To have afraid is wrong. One might use: I am afraid of choking or I fear choking,

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    Neither is correct.

    Afraid is an adjective that always needs a Be verb form used with it.

    I AM afraid.

    WERE you afraid?

    etc etc

    So in this case, you'd need to say:

    I am afraid of choking

    Please remember the form:

    be afraid of (something)

    be afraid of (doING something)


    He's afraid of the dark

    He's afraid of being alone in the dark.

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    Both look ok to me.

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