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I told my age and marital status to a guy recently and I don't know if I should try harder with him. Any help? POLITE COMMENTS ONLY.?

I have been chatting with a guy online and we are both seeking marriage. We are Indians.

After chatting for 1 month I told him I am 39 not 36 and divorced 14 years ago. He initially said he doesn't mind the marital status. But when I tried talking further about meeting then he vented out his frustration on being lied to. He said few mean things. But he also said he wanted to know better but I don't give him a chance. He basically tried initiating sex chats and asked for etc few times. But I didn't engage due to the fact we haven't met , and he didn't know my true profile. He also complained that I want experimental relationship not marriage. Again I didn't show interest in marrying quickly and had asked for 6 months live in before and mainly because he didn't know the truth.

So, conversations were mixed. It ended with apologising if he's been rude to me. Also said, he will try to find someone local ( he hooks up with a woman already!!) And he hope's I get what I am seeking.

I think it's pretty much over or I should try again? His texts were a mix of frustration about being lied to and the fact I don't engage sexually with him and failure to communicate serious interest in marriage and longterm maybe. But yes, he's possibly considering the local woman seriously now.

Any comments?


He is 37 and never been married before.

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    Why do you want to engage with a man who has been rude to you.  He's vented at you.  He's insulted you and you don't even know him.  All he wants is free sex.  Go out and meet people face to face.  Join clubs and socialise with people who have the same interests as you - people of all ages and sexes.  You will meet someone as a friend and get to know them well.  If it becomes romantic....great.  If it doesn't you'll just have a new friend.  You don't need some strange, rather nasty, online guy telling you off all the time and wanting rude pictures to show his friends.

  • Helen
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    1 month ago

    Here's your guy and it doesn't look as though he's interested!

    A double sided troll scenario, very creative....

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Thank you, Please forget him. He will not come with you.

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