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Why is McDonald's so stingy with the sauce?

What is 1 sauce for 20 nuggets going to do?

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    I think it's probably a simple case of "I, the worker, don't care."

    But maybe it is policy. Imagine: a million boxes of chicken nuggets a day, a million extra packets of sauce not given away. That's got to amount to at least a few thousands of dollars ***every day*** in savings (in profit).

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    I work at a taco bell which is usually rated badly by customers for being "stingy with the sauce". To be perfectly honest, we have a specific amount of sauce we have to put on each item and when we go over this, we run out of product much fast and therefor get yelled at by management/higher ups. because we get yelled at for this so much we end up putting less and less sauce until they stop yelling. however, 1 sauce for 2 nuggets is ridiculous. Typically McDonalds will pack 1 sauce per 5 nuggets. (I.e. a ten pack gets 2 sauce, 20 gets 4 and 40 gets 8). Mayhaps the overworked and underpaid workers there are just too tired to remember all of these minor rules. 

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    i dont know what they are stingy. like do they know mcdonalds is load and its fine to give customers extra sauce? these employees want us to sympathize with they poor *** but dont want to give us poor customers extra sauce. what mind control these rich companies have on these employees?

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    they use ronalds recepy thats how he wanted em eaten. by the way you shouldnt have 20 micknuggets its to much food and you are a fat moran so they keep the sauce low because it got suger a lot and that gives people like u bad hart problem when older (fat áss slob)

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    Source(s): been to mc donel before a lot then got the diet from my dr of brockly raps
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  • 1 month ago

    Because giving you more sauce costs them profit.

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    You should only dip each nugget once in the sauce

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    ask for more....

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    Isolate the place as fast as you can.

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    😄 No shxt. Have had to bribe them into giving us more condiments other than ketchup. And their sorry a$ses DO charge extra.

    Go to Jack in the Box. Better service. More condiments.

    🥴 I always need Sweet & Sour sauce. And that's the one McDs skips on the most. Cheapies.

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