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Pre menopause?

My period stopped for 2 yrs now. I feel normal and good before but now seems like things are getting worst. Hotter at night, have to turn on the fan at night even during winter, lost of appetite, lost interest in sex, itchy skin specially around my vagina. I have been using Vaseline down there every time after shower and it’s getting better but then now the rest of my body itch. 2 weeks now my pee is very cloudy. Is something wrong with me? I have neglected this issue for so long. Would I still be able to get my period back?


I’m 32. Do you think my period would come back? It’s been almost 3 yrs. My last period was in Aug, 2017

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    You need to speak to your doctor but I have the sweating at night and the cloudy urine and the itch and the Vaseline does help but mine was a urine infection after I had kidney stones removed a few months ago but I don't have periods at 63 years old, as for your periods 32 is too you for pre menopause. Good Luck

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    Cloudy urine could indicate an infection. Get a sample tested by your doctor.

    The otch could also be an infection.You don't mention your age but most of the rest is pretty normal.

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