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Do I have a case?

I was on a job for 2 days and was unfairly dismissed on my 2nd day due to my race. I left a Google review on the company to let them know how I felt discriminated by the people involved (I included names in the review). 1 hour after posting the review I got their attention and they asked me for my account of what's happened. I removed the review at this point since I got their attention. I gave them an account of what's gone on so they could give me a report explaining why I've been terminated. I gave my account of the story yesterday and today it seems they tried to find out what's gone on. I believe the company genuinely found out I was unfairly dismissed by my supervisor due to discrimination (they all spoke the same language and I did not. I was also given the lowest levels of work e.g. told to pick up rubbish which wasn't my job description and told to wait and watch the "tools in the work area" while they all went for break at which point I would be allowed my break after they came back from theirs). They are unable to give me a report as to why I was dismissed and have said that I should "drop it" or they will press legal charges against me for using names in the review under GDPR legislation. Can somebody tell me if I am at risk of being sued?

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    If you have evidence that you were fired for your race (bizarre they even hired you in the first place) then you could approach a labor lawyer about a lawsuit. 

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    Language is not EU-protected against discrimination. You will get nowhere with that claim. But using names of people in an online review as a former employee (not as a customer of a business) may very well violate the GDPR and if so, of course you can be sued. 

    You had the job for two days and were obviously a very poor fit and they got rid of you. You are advised to drop the matter.

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    You have been told by other people here what you did wrong.  Job descriptions never list every little thing.  They only list the main thing or the main few things you can expect to do, and that  job description can change based on the changing needs of the company.  You were not fired due to your race.  You said absolutely nothing about that.  What you did say were several things that would cause you to be "fairly" fired, not unfairly.  There is no law in the entire country that requires an employer to tell an employee why they fired you.  You said you don't want to repeat your mistake, so do what you are told to do.  That's what they are paying you for.

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    If the boss tells you to pick up the trash, then pick up the trash.  You don't get to do tasks that fit "your job description."  It wasn't a race problem.  Your not doing what the boss tells you to do is the problem. Your chances of winning a lawsuit are slim to none.

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    You were there two days..  Things like picking up trash are tasks that often get assigned to the lowest man on the totem pole...   The lowest level tasks often do go to the person with the least seniority/experience..  This wasnt discrimination.

    You havent said anything to show that you actually were discriminated against..  So it would be hard to assess if you have a case or not.

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    You have no case. You were employed for 2 days. You were not off probation. You were an at will employee, and unless they actually came out and told you that  the reason you were terminated was because of your race, age, religion, or sex, you do not have a case. 

    Your whining about your job duties tells me you think you are more important to the company than they thought you were.

    Your job description for a 2 day hire is what they tell you it is. 

    If you put as much effort into doing what was asked of you as you are telling the world why you (after being employed for ONLY 2 DAYS) think you were terminated, you would probably still be employed.

    Bottom line here is. You were with the company 2 days, you complained, whined and most likely got wrapped up in your  own self importance and a lousy  worker to boot, you were let go, but it was not your fault. In your mind they should have been damn glad to have you on board.

    You have no case, no lawyer will take it. You were an at will employee, you proved after only 2 days you were a terrible employee, but to cover that fact, you pull the race card ( so typical)

    And how you felt is not grounds for a lawsuit either. So pack up that claim and take it off the table. Lawsuits deal in facts, not being butthurt. 

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