Am I racist and if so how do I stop?

So I do think that black people are generally more "Hood" like... I have seen this from school where they all gang together and curse and honestly have a generally good time. They seem like nice people. But... There scary. They scare me sometimes. I'm somewhat socially inept, shy and and when I speak I'm really brash but in a more careful on the wall between rude and not rude attitude. This brashness quickly goes away when I'm scared but still. although I do think that most black people are hood like due to it being their culture or atleast I think it's their culture. This admittedly does make me put the whole race in a more negative opinion and that makes me feel really guilty and just wrong. I feel wrong for doing so but I know that's how I feel. Is this racist I mean I know that black people can be really quiet and nice and kind, hell most black people are kind but just in a almost delinquent way of doing so but but I mean I had a black friend that wore glasses and was quieter and was nice to me so I mean I don't think of them as monsters. just more like people I really don't want to mess with. is that wrong? I think it's wrong and I want to stop. is this view point ok or should I stop? what is the right thing to do? and if I should stop how do I stop. Am I ok?!? if I ask this question will people hate me? I don't want to be hated or racist... I just want to be good. I want to be a good boy. so... what should I do? What path do I take? Where is the path I should take?

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