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Is God is a woman sang by Ariana Grande's blasphemy against God?

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  • Kin
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    3 months ago
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    Yes it is, it is nauseatingly, malicious slander and blasphemy against God.  Ariana is deluded, slanderous, malicious and suffering from delusions. God is neither male or female. The Exalted One is the Creator of women and men. It is blasphemy to spread malicious lies about God.

  • 3 months ago

    Her whole life is a blasphemy against God, is it not?

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    What??  No God isn't a woman, and definitely not a woman "sang" [sic].

  • 3 months ago

    i would think so, God is Heavenly Father, and Jesus is our Savior, both Male, where Adam was created in their likeness and image and form.

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  • yesmar
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    3 months ago

    No.  God is as much a woman as he is a man.

    Source(s): Jesus follower
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