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How do you see bad human beings as human.?

I have due to another question realized the problem my way of thinking has.

If a person had done a bad deed of significant quality then I struggle to think of them as human and not some beast or monster that needs to be put down or slain. 

This becomes much worse if the bad deed was conducted to me. 

For perspective if someone did something with only malicious intent and nothing else good involved then they are a monster. Is that not how it works?

Like my brain doesn't just wrongly accuse someone, I look at logic and facts and almost desperately search for anyway to make them seem human... and if that fails then they are a monster. The things that make them human would be a good reason to do bad things like I stole to live, I killed because they tormented me, or I murdered him because I hated them. All these reasons make me believe they are human.

But if it is just for greed or things like, I killed because it felt good, I stole because I wanted money, I did this because it brings me pleasure, then how does anyone see them as human? Sure they might be a nice guy usually or they might have friends and family but with such a thought and a thought they act out on how are those people human? How are they allowed to have rights. I'm not saying just kill them although I would prefer that but I mean just shove them in prison for life or torture them or something!

…See how my mind is flawed how do I fix this thought process how do I fix my mind? What should I do? What can I do?

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  • Kieth
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You let emotions cloud your judgement.

  • amy
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Some people are just bad people. However there are people there that have done a lot of seriously messed up **** and get labelled monsters these are types of bad people I dont consider people. I think you use the label monster to easy im talking messed up serial killers on that level. people who for a long time acted on the stuff of horror stories. Like some ****** up **** like someone kidnapps babies rapes them, tortures them then slowly kills them and does this in serial pattern. Thats a monster.

    Someone with just purely bad intentions is auto a monster. I mean I got sold some exctasy tablets that were duds. Basically someone with the bad intentions of scaming people pill pressed a bunch of colour chalk and knownly fasely sold them as MDMA thats intentionally scamming people of their money for person gain. Thats bad intentions that negatively cost others while they gain. Thats not a monster that just a c*nt. 

    How can people see them as human because in reality everyone has the ability to be a monster however if you acknoweldge your capable of doing horrible things yet dont do it thats the way to go thats pretty human. Look at Nazi germany do you really think just germans happened to be monsters or all humans have to ability to be monsters and they were unaware and lead astray into doing horrible things while believing they werent doing horrible things. In their eyes jews were the cause of their countries devistation and personal sufferering they were scum and not human (like youre talking now viewing others as not human leads you to justify what) and they deserved what they got it was justice. People actually believed that and justify what they did to the jews. Once you view someone as not human you can justify pretty much anything inhumane done to them. Slapping that label to easy you should take a deeper look into yourself. Perhaps you are a monster you just havent acted on it yet.

    another example from my home town. A couple suspected a young woman stole a cheap non meaningful braclett from them. They believed she stole from them and they saw this as a justification to butcher her to death with machette and burried her in the nearby forestly. Maybe she stole it maybe she did a bad thing maybe she was a bad person for doing so but was the justification for doing what they did reasonable? No. Are these people bad poeple? Yes. do they deserve inhumane things done to them and not just life in prison? No.

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