Mental problems / sleeping?

I have always had a little bit of anxiety falling asleep, even at my own home and even when I am dead tired. But lately, every single night I try to fall asleep, again, even if I am exhausted and can’t keep my eyes open, weird things happen. I feel myself switching to unconscious and it freaks me out and I have to wake up. Happens every time I try. Tonight I went to fall asleep and I could literally hear myself BREATHING but I was asleep... freaked me out and I woke up and I’m sure it’s not a dream. Tried to fall asleep again, still exhausted, felt my whole body go numb and felt like my hand wasn’t there even though I was staring at it when I woke, and I tried yet again... same thing, and I heard myself cough and like groan. 

I’ve noticed, most time I wake up my mind is normally on a bad thought like my parents dying or me dying. Yes I have stress in my life but I’ve never had anxiety like this. During the day I feel foggy with some things but mainly fine. I just recovered from corona and this is mainly when it started happening. Someone please give me any insight... 

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