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What three statements can be made about an object that floats in a fluid?

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    They'll be the three statements that are in your textbook or lecture notes, of course.  I can think of only one statement that really matters:

        The object must weigh less than the fluid it would displace if fully submerged.

    That's a consequence of Archimedes's Principle:  The buoyant force of a fluid on an object is equal to the weight of the fluid the object displaces.  (...equal in magnitude, but opposite in direction.)

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    It's probably the turd that won't flush -- aka a floater

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    1.The weight of the fluid volume that the object displace whenever it is placed in the    fluid must be higher than the weight of the object’s volume that is submerged in the fluid at a time.

    2.The height of the object’s part that is above the fluid surface, must always be less than the total height of the object. iff the mass of the object is equally distributed in the object and its height is perpendicular to the surface of the fluid.3.The object’s density must be lower than that of the fluid.

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    1) It is non - soluble in the fluid.

    2) It is more dense than the fluid above its floating level.

    3) It is less dense than the fluid below its floating level.

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    Full of hot air......

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