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I got a new kitten?

My older cat got used to her she licks him and they get along but sometimes she try’s fighting him and they hiss at eachother is that normal?

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    Yes, that's normal, but you should still supervise their time together to make sure that nothing gets out of hand. The older cat is hissing to set boundaries for the little one. If they actually do get along most of the time, then perhaps the older one is just wanting a break from the little kitten's high-energy play, or simply wants some "alone time".. 

    Kittens love to play-fight. It's part of their learning, and part of growing up. Young kittens and cats spar with each other, and even though it's usually just play, it can get quite rough! The older one is signaling the kitten, "That's ENOUGH!"

    If the kitten isn't backing off and the older one is getting tired of it, it might be necessary to separate the two for a little bit to give the older one a break. This is kind of like giving a child a little naptime or "time out' when they get too frisky. It's not punishment; it's just "break time" for the older guy. During the separation period, you can certainly play one on one with the kitten, then play or interact one on one with the older cat. Give them individual attention, and limit the time together so that the older cat doesn't get overwhelmed.

    I have a similar situation in my house! We have a 15 year old boy Siamese, and a one year old female Domestic Long Hair. We got her as a very young kitten last fall, and she is SO spunky! She tries to tussle with the Siamese, but he's old and has arthritis, so he is more content to just hang out on the windowsill or on the sofa. He doesn't mind it if she comes up to hang with him, or even wash his face. They do spend quiet time together, and I can tell that he does like her. Generally, they get along okay... until she decides that she wants to rough-house. At first, he will play a little bit, but then his joints start aching and he gets tired of it. So then he hisses and bats her with a paw. He isn't being aggressive... he's just setting the limit and saying, "That's enough!" When that happens, I bring out a fun toy for the little one, and we play while he hops up to a perch and watches the games. Later on, I see them napping together.

    So yes, it's normal. Your kitten is learning how to fight and spar, and your older cat is teaching her what the limits are. So long as it doesn't get  violent and no one is in danger of being hurt, this is natural. Just be prepared to run distraction on the youngster with a fun toy, and NEVER try to grab either cat if there is a spar going on, as you could be bitten or scratched. And do NOT shriek or yell... remain calm, and use distraction to break up fights, then separate when it's safe to do so. The youngster will grow up and learn manners, and they will hopefully get along better once the little one is more grown up. It's happening well in our "cat family", and our two are actually pretty good friends now (I call the older one "Uncle Schrödinger" because he's so much older!)

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    Yes, that's normal. 

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