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Did my dog have heat exhaustion?

Me and my dog went for a walk about 3 hear earlier when suddenly she started gagging and fell over vomited and it looked like she had a seizure. I live at home and it’s kind of hot my dad didn’t turn on the air conditions my dog started showing improvement when I started blowing a fan on her and spraying her with watte4 in a spray bottle. We also turned the air conditions on she is going to be 14 so she’s a senior boxer. She’s doing better now and sleeping and snoring. I’m still a bit worried tho. Did my earlier walk cause the heat exhaustion but she started showing symptoms three hours later or was it the lack of air conditioning..? My dad just doesn’t like to waste money so he only turns  it on if there’s a heat warning


We walked three hours earlier but she started showing symptoms at home several hours later

Update 2:

She is also probably sensitive to heat because she is a senior dog

Update 3:

I walked her about 7 pm it was very warm not hot

Update 4:

Thank you for your answers after the cooling and turning on the air conditioning she is doing much better begging me for treats and walking around occasionally. I am still monitoring her and if she vomits again or won’t eat I will take her to the emergency vet clinic. 

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    She may have got heat exhaustion. Just be careful next time, take some water for her on your walks, stop and rest on you walks, and she should be fine.

  • J M
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    Be careful in hot weather, Dogs cannot sweat.

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    You should consult with the vet. Usually, a vet will offer suggestions even if they do not need to see the pet. Some animal rescue leagues suggest placing frozen water bottles inside or under the bedding the dog lays on, which will help cool the dog. Since your dog is older, she may not be able to cool herself off as easily as a younger dog, or may even have some sort of other issue.

    Try to walk the dog either very early in the morning, or quite late at night, and NOT when it has generally been hot inside the house. Walk for very short duration and bring cold water along. Take breaks each few minutes. I would not go longer than perhaps 30 minutes and NOT in hot weather. 

    I would be very careful to keep ice packs/frozen water bottles/bags of ice in the freezer, just for your dog and keep replacing them as needed. Our Malamute used to sleep on the ceramic flooring just to keep cool. If you have a cooler area of the house, allow the dog in there such as a basement, but do try the ice packs or frozen bottles. Also, always keep clean/cold water where the dog can easily reach it.

    There are also what is called, "cooling pads" for dogs, as well as articles with ideas to help. Consider getting a child's wading pool if your dog likes to play in the water. Our dogs used to like to be sprayed with the hose, while outside so rather than walking, perhaps your dog would prefer a fun game of playing in the hose. Be careful for sunburn of lighter skin.

    You are actually quite fortunate your dog bounced back from this, and this will be your warning that she cannot take that kind of heat. Keep in close contact with your vet in how to avoid this from happening in the future. It is a vet's responsibility to advise you on things like this, but also yours to look it up and be aware of how your dog is acting. Perhaps your dog needs her own fan! Your dog may be comparable to about a 65 to 70ish year old human being and as you know, each of us is different in our own health.

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    It is very possible the dog had at least heat exhaustion (due to symptoms of vomiting) if not heat stroke (when dog had a seizure).  Heat stroke CAN KILL A DOG!!

    Older dogs are very susceptible to heat as are brachycephalic breeds => like the Boxer.  You should NEVER walk a 14 year old dog in the summer heat (only VERY EARLY in the AM like 6 AM).  And you must be very careful about the SURFACE you walk them on.  A dark pavement is extra hot & the dog cannot sweat thru its pads if they are being HEATED every step taken.

    Read about heat stroke in dogs here:

    heat exhaustion here:

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    It maybe due to a heat stroke. A senior dog should not be walked in the afternoon hot sun for long. Please take very good care of your dog. Poor doggie....

    Call the vet nurse whether you need to send the poor doggie to the vet.

    let it drink some water.

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