Do animals 'marry'?

how do they pair up with each other and have children?

or do they just see a random male or female and bone him/her and leave?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Certain species are known for their monogamy - they form bonded pairs which last their adult lifetimes. E.g swans (this is one reason why paired swans are often used as symbols of love, it's not just their necks form a "heart-shape!"), cardinals, Mallard ducks (not other ducks) are among the monogamous birds. If their mate dies/get killed, their partner tends to die soon after. 

  • nop … but  they  do  'merry'.  and … it  should  be  noted … some  stick  with  their  mating  partner  for  life.

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