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What's the average miles to look for when used car shopping?

I currently have a Ford Taurus and it is on its last legs. I've had the car since 2016 and since then, it has been in the shop practically every month. 

My cousin and her husband is helping me find a car. I am just getting a cheap one for now (nothing over $2,000). And then in December when I get the rest of my back pay from SSI, I am going to get a more expensive car (around $4-5,000, maybe more if I like it). 

Initially, I was happy when my cousin and her husband said they'd help me because I know nothing about cars, but now it has become a nightmare. I am in desperate need of a car. I had to pay my mechanic $100 to fix a hose a week ago and now it is making another noise. I was supposed to have surgery in December, but had to put it on hold because it was out of town and my car couldn't make it. 

Everytime I find a vehicle, they tell me that the vehicle has way too many miles. I found a minivan with 250,000 and a Ford Explorer with 190,000. I don't understand what they expect me to get with $2,000? 

So my question is what is a good amount of miles for a used vehicle, considering my price range?

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    You have a starting set of numbers $2000.  Now go and look and see what is available for $2K.  That will give you a general idea to the years of vehicles you are looking at.  Every regional area is different.  Calculate about 10,000 miles per a low average. People drive to work and park and work for 8 hours and drive home and park for 14 hours(2 hours for driving to& from work is a long time). So the car is mainly parked. Weekends don't add up to squat. So 10,000/yr is the LOW  average. 20,000/yr is medium average above that then the car has been used for deliveries(or more worn out) The car looks worn out. Seats are worn out floor carpets are worn out , pedal rubbers are worn out.  You can bet many things are worn out like brake pads, suspension, steering components, fuel pump.

    It depends on the car.  I bought a VW Diesel for $400.00 with 346K on it(notice I said diesel, not Turbo diesel)  Yeah they made regular diesel motors. Diesels are known to last a long time. I put 1 million miles on it.(something a gas engine will never do)  Still, 346K was a lot  more than I would normally gamble on But I knew the mechanic and got the car for $400(which was the inspection fee) Cost me another $150 in parts and I fixed it in my garage. I don't remember what was broken, nothing beyond my abilities to do.

    FORD(Fix or repair daily) though on a 2016 there should not be that many problems...that it is on its "last Legs"  Consider most cars will last 20+ years...and you only got 4 on this one. Your mechanic needs to be fired and you find a BETTER ONE.  This guy is breaking your car, not fixing it.  (The Chinese cars are better than that.)  Oh no, not below the Chinese....hell India makes a better car than the Ford.

    Look in the newspapers in your area. The classifieds. Autos for sale.  You can get an idea what is available and what years for $2000.00.. It may not be in every paper.  You may have to look for a week just seeing what is in the newspaper in your town.  If you buy from a dealership (know right away as soon as they get the car they put an extra THOUSAND ONTO THE CAR.   They could have bought it for $300, but they will resell it for $1300. and they did not do a damn thing to it except take it out of the private property.

    They too view the classified ads looking for quick money makers for them.

    If you were in the business, you would do the same thing.

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    Most drivers put on 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year, but I would not worry about the mileage as much as the up keep.  

    If everything has been maintained properly, a car will go virtually forever.

    Cars that have been owned by one driver for a number of years are likely to be better than those that have gone through several owners.

    Cars from well off people who cared for them at the dealership are good prospects.

    You might look around an 'old folks home' for someone who decided to give up their licence , and has a car for sale.

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    they say the average person does about 10k miles per year.  so for example if you find a car that 5 years old expect it to have 50k miles on the clock, any less then that then it worth buying if more then that i would think about if it really worth it.

    also they say a engine can last about 125k miles before it will have problems but if looked after it can last longer but personally would not buy a car over 125k miles.

    i brought a car that is 15 years old it only has 52k on the clock which is very low for her age and it drives like brand new i had it 1 year now and no problems yet.

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    Find one with less than 150k miles.  Good luck with that search.

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