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 Why it is important to clarify the actual number of deaths due to diabetes? ?

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    Well if i get hit by a truck, then by a bolt of lightening, which causes me to fall off a cliff into a lake and drown. As a diabetic, what killed me?

    It's not important, other than to add data to some range of statistics really, because unless the actual cause is known, it won't get listed unless whatever the cause was due to high blood sugar or long term damage from same. 

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    Hmm... some reasons I could think of is, what if it’s not just diabetes, what if it’s something else? Zooming out on the world, and if you were able to see all of the correct numbers and causes of death, that might be important too because it could indicate problems with the food or water supply in certain regions. Even society could be to blame—superstitions and beliefs corrupted in certain places, and other situations involving dominance that might redirect how energy and health resources are flowing. Talking about culture, demographics, etc. But how would Anyone truly ever know? It’s something only God or nature truly knows. 

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