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i want my own vibrator but i’m terrified of what my mom will think. i’m 14. is that to young? i need advice. ?

a lot of my friends started masturbating. i thought i would try it. so i used and electric toothbrush. i changed the head and started to use it. it felt nice but i felt dirty. i found my moms vibrator one day and i was curious. this is so wrong. i know. i cleaned it and started to use it. it felt really good. my friends mom but her her own. i feel so wrong using it because it’s not mine. i want to ask for my own but my mom probably ground me forever and i don’t have a credit card. i know it’s wrong especially since i’m 14. i feel AWFUL. help. 


I AM 14. I just tried to explain what the situation is in detail. i’m not a perv i just want help. 

Update 2:

i don’t know about these multiple posting things. this is a real question from a real girl. if you don’t feel comfortable answering i understand. i know in young and this is strange but it’s real 

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    Just masturbate without a vibrator for now. Explore other options such as using your hand, a pillow etc.. get creative.

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    Stop. This is repulsive. It's obvious you aren't 14, especially since you're repeatedly posting the exact same question over and over, whether that's anon or on your clearly fake account. This is paedophilic. 

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