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I am trully dissapointed in rap music, do you feel the same way?

I remember when rap was good, LL Cool Jay, 2pac, Nas, brake dancers... aawe man i was having so much fun. Then all of a sudden rap changed,  

It was like "bling bling every time i come around your city bling bling" <<< what is this??  

Or 🎶 "california girls were undeniable daisy dukes bikinis on top, west coast represent now put your hands up, ooh woo woo oh oh owowowowow"

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    Rappers have rapped about money since the beginning of hip hop, but I agree that mainstream rappers have become very uncreative with their lyrical content, although popular music has always been repetitive. However there are plenty of rappers out there who do rap about different topics, just not really in the mainstream.

    Also you mentioned California Girls which isn't a rap song, it's a pop song which features a rapper. In this case it's Snoop Dogg, who literally features on anything.

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