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Is a A1C diabetes test result: 5.1 percent mean someone has Type 1 Diabetes? Please help!?

My A1C diabetes test results were: 5.1 percent. Is a A1C 5.1 percent level result mean someone has Type 1 Diabetes and their A1C 5.1 percent result is too Low, meaning Type 1 Diabetes?

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    Not by itself considered diabetes.  Google this and you will find charts, graphs and some good info from Mayo and the American Diabetes Association and others

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    It is not so straightforward. it depends on your age and genetics. The doctor needs further tests to distinguish Type 1 or 2 diabetes. Your fasting sugar level needs to be monitored for some time.

    You really need to see a doctor. There are only a few retired nurses in this forum board. only the doctor can diagnose you and give you a complete picture with cholesterol, lipid levels, blood sugar levels and blood pressure by the weeks. a1c test is incomplete by itself.

    take care.

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