Family or Career?

Imagine this....You’re soon to start training for your dream job but your mum whom you currently live and have only ever lived with is about to move away to be near family. 

You’ve wanted to live closer to family too but were not in the position to do so and instead focused on striving towards a career goal. 

Now in the space of a few weeks it’s been possible to move closer to immediate family with your mum but you’ve also been given a start date for your career aspiration.What do you choose? Career and you’ll have to live alone and be far from any family or move and start a new career goal after passing the hardest/longest job application you’ve ever done..?

Advice and opinions much appreciated


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  • 1 month ago
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    If you are an adult and want to pursue a career, then the most sensible thing is to take he job and stay.  That will give you the experience you need.  You don't have to live where you are forever.  Once your career is established, you can always look for jobs nearer your family.  If you give up now, you will always wish you hadn't.  If the application was that difficult, it suggests that what you might be doing is a hard job to find.  Stick with it.

  • Kyle
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    1 month ago

    your family should understand and be happy you got your dream job.  they want to see you succeed.  you will still be able to visit them for holidays and vacation when you can.  and maybe when you grow in your career, a possibility will be there that you can move back closer.

    and it's not like you can't call your family every day if you need to.  do video calls.  etc.  you won't be completely cut off from them.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I just don't care.

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