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Did Han Solo take Landos plane because he was black and took advantage of him?

I have never seen the movies but my friend told me in the recent star wars movies Han Solo punked Lando for his plane and kept it. If thats true thats kind of messed up because i always felt like Lando was only in the star wars movies because of 'afirmitive action" were they have to have at least 1 black guy in the movie, but besides have them also take his plane is like a slap to the face to us black people.

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    The established backstory is that he won it from them when they were gambling.  This story was simple enough but the 'Solo' movie decided it needed to dramatize this because it dramatized every tiny thing about Han that we knew.

    While Lando was never okay with losing the Falcon to Han, the two of them became friends.  But both were professional criminals and devious so their history includes multiple moments of them getting the better of each other.

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    Who cares?  By the time "Star Wars" came along, I'd had all I could stand of the scientific impossibilities depicted in movies & on television.  It was done about 40 years too late.  I saw it to tag along with some friends.  I took my niece to see the 2nd one on her 5th birthday.  I saw most of the 3rd one when a friend rented the video.  I'm too much of a scientist to tolerate that garbage.  

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    Yes. He had Chewy rough him up.

  • The character of Lando was created in the 70's where every American TV and Movie had to feature a token pimp.

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