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Who was Saint Junipero?


What was this person's effect on Native American populations in that area?

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    He did indeed found the missions. But he was also a cruel POS who enslaved the local Native Americans. 

    The American Indian Movement Southern California is organizing a  prayer Easter Sunday for other California American Indians, Native organizations and allies to denounce Pope Francis’s decision to canonize Junipero Serra. The prayer will also pay respects to those buried in mass graves at each of the 21 Missions. 

    Serra directed and founded the Mission system that stretches from San Diego to Sonoma, California. These 21 Missions were comprised of a series of religious and military outposts, established to colonize and Christianize indigenous peoples. 

    However many California Indians feel that the Missions were akin to concentrations camps or as Professor of American Studies, David Stannard, states in his book American Holocaust, the Missions were known to be like “furnaces of death.” 

    “The irony does not go unnoticed that here the Pope now proposes to elevate Serra to sainthood and yet, many know him to be a monster who separated, butchered and maimed Native families – all in the name of Christ, military and progress,” notes Corine Fairbanks, with the American Indian Movement Southern California. 

    “We are all traumatized about the recent announcement that the Pope made about the canonization of Junipero Serra and are looking at ways in which we are not further invisibilized by the larger communities….the truth must be told. There is no time to waste,” Corrina Gould, Karkin and Chochenyo Ohlone.

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    Junípero Serra was a missionary in Mexico (alta California) of the Catholic church.  He established several missions in California not too far from the sea cost.

  • Junipero Serra was a monk who in the 1700's founded many missions in California

    Many Cities are named after these mission (San Diego San Jose, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, etc)

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    He was the Spanish priest that started the chain of calif missions back in the 1700s.

    The effect on the Native populations was devastating. They were forced to labor for the missions, they were instructed in Christianity, baptised then forbidden from leaving the missions, to prevent their return to their former ways of life. European sickness ran rampant thru the barracks style of housing they had to live in and many died. Some tried to escape, and the Spanish soldiers were sent to bring them back to their captors. After so much of the local populations died from diseases they couldn't cure, the Spanish began to send out patrols to the interior of Calif to capture other Natives and bring them to the missions to labor for the crown and the Church. Then sometimes sick Natives would escape and make it home from the missions, thereby spreading their sickness among their uninfected families. Sickness spread rapidly thru the interior of Calif, causing huge die offs among the populations of Native living there. Often so many died, that there weren't enough survivors left to bury the dead. The mission era was intended to make the "Californios" into Christian subjects of the Spanish king, and create trading partners that could engage in an economic deal that could be beneficial to all. However, it didn't' work out that way. The survivors of the Spanish mission system became the "peons" of the encomienda system.

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