What can I do with a doctor's referral?

My family doctor has given me a referral to an ophthalmology. There is no specific name is stated in the referral paper but a list of different doctors. I kind of don't know how to use and what to do with the referral. What step should I take next? Should I pick one specialist from the list, make appointment with him and just show him the referral from my family care provider when I see him at his office?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    There should be an email address on the referral slip. If not,  send an email or call and say your doctor has referred you to the clinic for(if you know what problem you have)so the person reading your email will know which specialty within Ophthalmology to transfer you. If you choose the wrong ophthamologist, you will be transferred. Your eyes will be dilated so the ophthamologist can look deep into your eyes.  Wait in the clinic area or in your car as you will not see details around you awaiting your vision to return to normal.


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