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How much does it cost to hire entertainment lawyer to have favorite actor/actress play in your film?

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    That's not how it works. That's not what ent. lawyers do. You'd approach the actor's agent, ideally through your agent. And if the agent believes your movie is the right move for their client, they might recommend that to them. The right move would depend on: the actor's schedule, who you are and the type of movie you're producing, who the crew members are (are they or you well-known in the industry? Have you won any awards? How much experience do you have under your belt? What are you known for? Do you produce low-budget indies or big studio films? Slasher horror or quality drama or what? And so on), how much you'll pay actor (and the agent, agents take 10-15% of what their client makes when they book a job), how big the actor is etc. If and after you hire an actor you can hire a lawyer to take care of the contract. Lawyers are very expensive. Usually a few hundreds of dollars a hour.

    So if you're some unknown or inexperienced, who's producing an indie film and can't pay much, even if the actor happens to be available at the time, there's no way the agent would recommend that to their client. Especially if they're very famous, especially if they're A-list. They'd rather the actor took a big Hollywood film job or a big TV part. Now if you were friends with that actor and they were doing you a favor, or if you were willing to pay a few millions of dollars, that would have been a different story. But given your question, that's not the case and it doesn't seem like you have the tiniest amount of knowledge or experience to interest any agents or their clients in the first place. This is business. If we're talking about a C-D list actor and you have something to show for, you might as well give it a try. But if not, do what all indie/beginner filmmakers do and use unknown and aspiring actors.

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