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On a scale of 1-3 how important were Mc Hammer 🔨 and Vanilla Ice 🍦 to Hip Hop?

and why did you come to that conclusion?

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    MC Hammer was actually one of the first rappers from the West Coast to gain popularity, as well as having a fair amount of hits and displaying crazy energy in live performances. Not a great lyricist but he was influential to pop rap.

    Vanilla Ice is the literal definition of a one-hit wonder. I wouldn't even play the white card as Beastie Boys were popular before he was. Technically he was one of the first to gain popularity from the South, but the hip hop community didn't take him seriously at all. He didn't offer anything to the genre whatsoever, he got his money and vanished.

    MC Hammer - 4/10 significance

    Vanilla Ice - 1/10 significance

  • 1 month ago

    They probably helped with the white crowd cross over..........for sure. 

  • 1 month ago

    mchammer 3 

    vanilla ice 1

    i come to that conclusion based on how much i liked them and their music

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