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Why does goldfish tank keep getting dirty?

I have 2 goldfish that I won at a fair two yrs ago. The only tank I had was a 10 gallon. And they stayed fairly small for quite a while until recently they started to grow a lot bigger. I did research and now I know they need a bigger tank. But I do not have the space to get a bigger one. Also when I do water changes and clean the tank a bit, it gets foggy and dirty so fast. Why is this and how can I prevent that?


There is a filter. And if they’re going to keep growing bigger and need a bigger tank, than I can’t keep them. Would a pet store take them?

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    Pet store won't take them.  You would do better to list them on craigslist in your area and give them to someone with a pond.  Goldfish are very messy fish as you found out.  And they need a minimum of 35-40 gallons and larger.  You are looking at over a 55 gallon tank now.  Rehome them quickly.

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    You'll have to clean the tank more often

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    If you cant get a bigger tank you need to rehome them. Depending on what kind of goldfish they need a 40-100+ gallon tank. 

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    You answered your own question.

    you need a bigger tank and a bigger filter. 

    1 fancy goldfish needs a 20-gallon tank, each additional fancy goldfish needs 10 mare gallons.  But if they live for a few years, they will grow and need a larger tank.

    You have common goldfish, which need more than double what a fancy needs.  , you can get a 48-inch long tank, 2 filters for a tank that size, weekly 50% water changes. But a longer tank then that or a pond is still better.   

    They are very demanding fish because of there size.  it is cruel and sick that they are still used as carnival prizes. 

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  • Edwena
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    Fish are slimy and eat and poop.  So, they get the water dirty.  You don't have all of the algae, microbes, etc. that live in the process of eating all of that up. So, the water stays dirty.   Get a bigger aquarium, and a filter and pump to circulate the water.   The filter will catch and remove the crud from the water.  Make the fish happy by putting a few live plants in the aquarium. 

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    Very simple A goldfish eat and sh&&&. It goes right through them,. That is why they are Hungry all the time. Two goldfish should be in a 30+ gallon tank for that reason. And they get HUGE, requiring a bigger and bigger tank. 

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