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The Rolling Stones or The Who?

Of these two iconic bands, which do you prefer and why?

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    Love them both but have to go with The Stones. I like their diversity more. They incorporated many musical genres such as Rock n' Roll, Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock and even some Pop into their sounds.

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      R.S. has several good songs, but were always weak vocally. They had a lot of good tunes, though I detested songs like "Under My Thumb".  I think they lost their way after Mick Taylor walked out.  In the 45+ years since, they've been only a faint shadow of what they were.  I saw then in '72.  Stevie Wonder opened &, frankly, owned the night.  They were mediocre 

       The Who had stuff like "My Generation" & "Substitute" that were almost anthems written for my city.  I liked Townshend's showmanship.  I saw them 3X & loved each show.  While they DIDN'T "invent" feedback, & it was 1st deliberately used by The Beatles on "I Feel Fine", I liked Entwistle's playing & his songs.  

      Overall, I've still got to go with R.S, but it's a very close one.    

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    You resolved the question so fast, but I'll still add what would have been my answer.

    I prefer The Who.

    To me, The Stones were a carefully managed product. With some exceptions, they rarely got out of their box of blues (Sympathy for the Devil, Gimme Shelter, 2,000 Light Years from Home).

    As for The Who, they were explosive, unpredictable, hugely more energetic and lyrical. They had no box to be in. They invented stuff - feedback, drums and bass as "lead" instruments, unusual arrangements, unusual topics for lyrics, and had a stage presence that no other band could match. They just broke so many moulds in such an exciting way.

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    I like them both.  Unfortunately the Who's great drummer Keith Moon passed away too early, and the band couldn't continue without him. It's just not the same without him. The same thing happened to Led Zeppelin, who lost their drummer at about the same time and decided to disband.

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  • Love both of them to bits but do slightly prefer The Who, they were the better live band and Pete Townshend's songwriting was so much deeper and thought provoking than Jagger/Richard.   I listen to The Who far more and even their latest album eclipses anything by The Stones in the last 30 years.

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