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Should I get a new attorney ?

A few weeks ago I got into a car accident. And found a local personal injury lawyer and signed a contract with them (june 15). Since then I've yet to speak to my actual lawyer. Only different people who answer phones and my case Manager. My first case manager was not to my standards and i asked for a new one. Since then ive still only talked with my case worker. They set me up with a chiropractor since im uninsured,  and the chiropractor did MRIs to see that nothing was wrong but wanted to see me 3x a week for 2 months. I have no idea whats going on with my case and have yet to speak with my lawyer. Is this normal?


I signed a Representation Agreement, not contract. Sorry for the confusion. 

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    Yes.  There is nothing a lawyer can do at this time.  The lawyer is required later.  You are supposed to get the treatment you need.  The Chiropractor and other doctors, etc. will send their bills, reports, x-ray results, MRI results, etc. to your lawyer.  You have no need to talk to the lawyer.  If you have a question, ask the legal secretary or the paralegal or the case manager/paralegal.  If they need to ask the lawyer, they will, but one of them will get you your answer.  When your physical condition is stable, then the lawyer will enter the picture.  He will review all of the bills, reports, etc. which the paralegal has organized, and he will request anything more that is needed.  He will determine what he thinks your case is worth and he will talk to you about settlement.  Don't expect to talk directly to him before you are stable.  Injured people have a reputation of harassing lawyers, wanting to know what's going on every minute, and some harass the lawyers and staff to the point of preventing them from doing the job.  They cannot spend all of their time talking to you.  They have actual work to do.  No, keep the lawyer you have.  He recommended that you see a Chiropractor and that is what is needed after a car crash.  It sounds like he knows what he is doing and it sounds like the Chiropractor knows what he is doing. 

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    Yes, you should.  And stop going to the chiropractor.  If something is wrong, go to a real medical doctor.  If not, then don't.  You're going to end up owing the chiropractor a lot of money.  If nothing was wrong, then the only reason to want you to go 3X a week is to get paid for seeing you 3X a week, and if you lose the lawsuit, then you'll be the one paying.

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    Your problem is that you evidently hired this lawyer on contingency.  That means he cannot be fired unless you pay him for the hours he has already worked on your case.  Yes he has a vested interest in running up your medical bills.  It does make his/your case stronger but it also eats into what you will receive.  Also, as you have already found out, you have lost control of the case which is inevitable.  That is why the general rule is to never hire a lawyer on contingency.  By all means test the strength of   your case by asking if they would take you on contingency but then pay by the hour.  Better service, better outcome and more money for you.

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    It is highly unusual to sign a contract with an attorney.  The Bar Association requires a retainer agreement.  So you signed "a contract" involving an attorney you never met?  Very odd.

    No, it's not normal to see a chiropractor who found "nothing wrong" 3 times a week for 2 months.  You do know if the auto insurance finds this "treatment" unnecessary or unrelated, you will be responsible for the bills, right?

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