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Grade 3 sores serious?

Someone I know has Primary progressive MS is totally chair ridden and has recently developed grade 3 pressure sores. How serious is a grade 3 and what is the likely outcome for someone in this situation? 

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    I'm only a research person, not a medical person.

    Grade III sores involve tissue death or damage in multiple layers of skin. Only grade IV is worse, damaging underlying structures like tendons, joints, or bones.

    There are lots of treatments and your friend should be consulting with her/his doctor about which to use. Changing positions, even if that means leaving the chair that gives them freedom to go where they will, is essential. So is a healthy diet with full nutritional needs being met daily.

    One thing I don't know is whether there are chair modifications, pads, specialized cushions, etc. that change where the greatest pressure occurs.

    Cleaning, dressing, and medicating the wound is important, and if it becomes infected, they'll first try packing it, then surgical closures.

    If this person needs to be confined to bed for healing to happen, I hope you'll make time to stay in contact.

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