Jim asked in SportsHockey · 1 month ago

Hockey Goalie Knee Protection?

I just started playing goalie, been on the ice about 10 times now. All my gear is used from sideline swap. Every time after I get off the ice I come off with my knees hurting and they were bruising at the beginning. At first I was tightning my pads really tight and I loosened them because I was told if I have them too tight I am putting to much weight on my knees when I drop down. I have bauer supreme knee guards but the knee protection doesn't seem great... seems more focused on thigh protection. When I drop down I land on the knee pad stack on my pads but it isn't always in the center, could that be a problem? They told me I was a 35 +2 size but the pads I have are 35+1 but I don't think the + should matter.. What can I do?

2 Answers

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