How do you unblock users at Y!A?

I think I block over 200 people. I do unblock them/

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    Your block list is here under your My Network area in your activity, when you go into your 'old' YA profile (from before the update last October). You can bookmark that link or get there by going into your YA activity, then clicking your username/avatar at the top left of the screen which takes you into your YA activity again (old format) and you can find your block list there, under My Network.  

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    It's as simple as clicking on ANY avatar here....... and you will see several things. 

    It will either  have the options to "Follow"  or  "Block"- 

    or  just BLOCK........if the user does not ALLOW new followers.  That simply means their account is closed..----not that they hate you. 

    If you see  "UNBLOCK"......that means you have blocked that user. 

    Just click it again, and it will change back to  "Block"......meaning you have UNBLOCKED the user now. 

    and contrary to whatever else is written here.......the FACT is......Yahoo still only allows 200 blocks.   You can press block all the times you want after 200...........but those blocks will not activate.  The limit has always been, and still is,    ----even after countless format changes..........200 blocks. 

    If you want to block NEW people,  you have to UNBLOCK some of the OLDER ,   probably long since suspended accounts.....or inactive active accounts, of people that haven't answered in years. 

    And again,  not trying to insult anyone here,  but I have posted how to access your blocked account  MANY many times here. 

    It's never been taken away or unaccessible as some claim.  It's been sort of hidden and not as easily accessible as  it use to be,  but still  easily reached.....if you know how.  It's not hard. 

    Click on your name with the points on the upper right. 

    Takes you to your home page.  But your blocked list is NOT there.  

    Now, on your home page,  click on your name in the upper LEFT. 

    Takes you back to the same home page......BUTTTTT, now your blocked list is magically there. 

    Viola.............not hard.  

  • You can unblock anyone who is not showing as anonymous.  Just point to their picture/name on their question/answer and it will show block or unblock.  Just click it and it will change to unblock or block.  After you have blocked 200 users block anyone else is worthless.  You only can block 200 like you said.

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    Go to your Answers profile go to more then My Network go to Blocked users find the User that you want to Unblock click Unblock

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    You can block only 200 email accounts unless Yahoo /Verizon raised that limit. 

    Many people have not been able to access their blocked list since last September when there years a format change.

    Go to your YA activity profile near the top of the left column. Click or tap the "More" tap to the right of "Answers". Then click or tap "My Network". You may or may NOT have a "Blocked" option. Tap that to access the list. Then you need to tap each avatar or user name, then tap the "Unblock" option.

    Try hitting "More" twice instead jog once. That might get the "Blocked" option to display. This glitch is almost 10 months old. 

    If you cannot access your blocked list, the other way to unblock people is to tap their avatar or user name and see if there is an "Unblock" button to the right. Tap the "Unblock" button.  

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    Tap on the users name then once their profile pops up tap on Unblock which is on left side by their name and level and thats it

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