Is There a Video Editing Software in Which You Can Move Tracks on the Timeline by a Specified Amount of Time?

I would like to ask if anyone could recommend me a video editing software in which you can choose by what amount of time to move either the video track or the audio track, either backward or forward (relative to the other track) on the timeline? In order to illustrate what I have in mind, please let me give the following example:

Let’s say I have a video recording in which the video track is forward relative to the audio track by 0.75 of a second (seventy-five hundredth of a second), which means that you can see events happen before you can hear the sounds corresponding to those events. What I would like to be able to do in this case in order to get the video track and the audio track aligned, would be to move either the audio track by 0.75s back (relative to the video track), or, if this were to be impossible, since there probably wouldn’t be a solution thanks to which you could move the audio track further backward than the beginning of the footage, move the video track by 0.75s forward (relative to the audio track).

I’ve tried to use Adobe Premiere Pro 14 to achieve this, but to no avail – I wasn’t able to find an option that would let me input an amount of time by which to move the either track. It seems to me that the only thing you can do in Adobe Premier Pro 14 is to zoom either in or out of the timeline in order to change the video progress time units, but it’s hard to tell by how much time of the recording the tracks are moved

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